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Your body is a new medium now!
The first platform for 3D human body scanning from mobile devices
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Our technology allows us to measure human body with high accuracy


We use neural networks and train them to process scanning results and reach an unprecedented level of accuracy


The technology of 2D matching with the real 3D human model allows to maximize accuracy of the body measurements

3DLOOK technology

3DLOOK develops a human body scanning technology of the next generation. We use cutting edge of computer vision, machine learning and 3D technologies to create highly accurate models of human body for subsequent use in various industries. Due to its ease of use 3DLOOK technology might be used in health, fitness, gaming, clothing and other industries

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Use cases

  • Clothing manufacturers
  • Retailers
  • Ecommerce businesses
  • Fitness networks and gyms
  • Fitness apps and services
  • Diet services
  • Prosthetics manufacturers
  • Social networks
  • Gaming industry

Check out our Apps

Starlook App
«Starlook: body shape, size and celebrity outfits» solves a problem of all customers of online clothing stores: the problem of choosing the right size and clothes for your body shape. We created a tool which allows customers get their measurements, clothing size and body shape. It can be integrated within any mobile or web application.
3DFit App
It is the first app that analyzes users' fitness condition according to body measurements that it gets from a smartphone camera, and shows users what they will look like if they choose a particular workout program. User can get access to content of a specific fitness program that is the most suitable for him and then start to train according to it, regularly checking progress by measuring himself again with smartphone camera. The app is in beta and we are planning to launch it in Q2 2017.

Our team

CEO, Co-Founder
Vadim Rogovskiy

Founder of Clickky, co-founder and partner at WannaBiz, Forbes 30 under 30 (Ukraine), strong skills and experience in strategic marketing, business development and B2B sales

Product Director, Co-Founder
Alex Arapov

Certified Product Owner with experience in product/team management in US eСommerce, wide skills in Project Management, Product Management and Conception

Sergey Gylyuk

Marketing manager with 5 years of experience in marketing, project management, data analysis, lead generation, customer service and acquisition strategies

CBDO, Co-Founder
Alexandra Sinyachova

Alexa is based in SanFrancisco and is talking to our potential partners and customers. She has more, than 5 years experience in business development including preparing company for an exit and expanding business worldwide

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